Week in Review 10

It’s time to get our list on! Intros aren’t my thing so I’m going to get right into the listing. Thanks as always to Meghan for hosting the one consistent post I put up each week 🙂

It was a wonderful short week at work, we were closed on Good Friday and my department got to spend Thursday hosting a school-wide easter egg hunt instead of direct therapy. That being said I still managed to squeeze in 2 IEP meetings, write 1 report, and start testing another student for his 3 year-eval.


The rest of the week was filled with the usual work (I have 5 new home health referrals to schedule), housework (we finally caught up on laundry after the last two whirlwind weeks), and yard work.

I Friday and Saturday gathering sticks, raking leaves, laying mulch, and pulling weeds. We discovered we actually have some pretty nice bushes out front (when we moved in we thought they were piles of sticks/leaves left over from last fall).  We also discovered that fresh edges and new mulch make a world of difference.


Since Zach was off from his part time job for Easter we spent the day playing pick-up-fence. I’d say we took it down but 2/3 of it was already laying in various neighbors yards all we really had to do was gather up the pieces.


Resulting in a rather large pile behind our house that will, unfortunately, be hanging out for the next two weeks until we get our dumpster delivered for replacing the deck.


Not going to lie by the time all that clean up was done I was happy to spend the rest of the day taking it easy with the Sunday paper. I ended up with aches in muscles I didn’t even know I had, but it’s the good kind of ache that left me feeling accomplished.


Annnd that’s a wrap! What was the best part of your week? Do you like the Sunday paper?


Week in Review 7

So it’s been 2 weeks since I checked into Meghan’s weekly list love party… I’d say sorry but I’m not :0 We’ve spent the past two weeks in total re-do mode painting and deep cleaning majority of our house and it’s starting to feel like home.  Here’s the rundown.

So. Much. Paint. We spent one weekend doing the first floor with a little help from my dad to reach the tallest point of our ceilings.


We spent the next weekend painting our family room together and then I knocked out our bedroom by myself when Z went to work.


I borrowed my aunt’s steam cleaner and deep cleaned all our carpets, especially former bird room turned office (yay no more bird poop carpet!).

Z went on a de-spidering spree, collecting and freeing almost a dozen of them to the backyard.

I ventured back into the world of crafting by giving our couch pillows fresh covers and painting the really cool (if I do say so myself) waveform piece that’s going to hang above our bed. IMG_7605

We successfully built an office desk (even if it took two days). We also built a bookshelf, a coffee table, and two nightstands. I’m calling it quits on the furniture assembly for a while.


My dad came back over to help us remove the (awkwardly placed) ceiling fan that was in our hallway. While he was here he helped me install the wall grates that I’d unsuccessfully tried to hang on 3 previous occasions.


Our furniture was delivered (no assembly required!) except they forgot our couch feet… so some assembly required after I pick those up later this week.

After a whirlwind couple of weeks I’m looking forward to using my spring break from work to settle. I’m hoping to hang some pictures, maybe touch up some of the trim painting, and continue our ongoing war with the spiders. I’ll probably watch a decent amount of food network too because #balance.