Week in Review 8

March was an exciting month here in the middle and the final week was no different. Without further ado, let’s get listing!

I was on spring break from work which meant I had a full week to do some of the fun work around the house. I gave the carpets a second round of steam cleaning, hung pictures, and planted some plants.


I explored our neighborhood and enjoyed the one sunny day I had by taking a walk to our downtown to get myself a shiny new library card.

Z and I joined up at the local Costco where we immediately stocked up on the essentials…


All those little, domestic, activities were fun, but they paled in comparison to the highlight of the week. On March 31st we got married!


We had a private ceremony (plus my BFF who drove all the way in from Buffalo to surprise me), took some beautiful photos, and celebrated with a few of our favorite things.


We spent the next day celebrating with our immediate family (my parents got us the cutest little cake) and we have an open house planned to celebrate with our extended families in the summer (once we’ve had a chance to work on our yard).


And because there is obviously no better way to celebrate, we wrapped up the weekend by starting on some much-needed yard work. Z dug out the gutters while I started on raking all the leaves that the previous owners had left from last fall #domestic.




Week in Review 2

It can be so easy to go through the day on autopilot. Since I’ trying to live this year with more intention I’ve been focusing more and multitasking less which has given me an appreciation for the seemingly normal activities of daily life. Even better Meghan created a crew of similarly minded people AND she lets us party on her blog every week. So without further ado, let’s get listing!

We met with a mortgage broker and a realtor and got our house hunt started! Our goal is to be settled by this spring and while we haven’t found any winners yet we’re watching the listings daily.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 11.23.22 AM.png

We had two special events at school this week. On Wednesday a police dog came to visit with our community groups. My students got to learn about the different ways dog’s can work with people as well as general dog safety skills and the sheriffs got a chance to learn how to interact with multiple students with varying ability levels. On Friday some of our older students faced off against the staff in a schoolwide floor hockey game. Both events helped to break up the grey and dreary weather of this week.

On the health front I worked out 4 days this week (and by worked out I mean I did yoga and stretched a lot). I also upped my water intake by quite a bit and I’m loving the boost of energy it’s giving me.


We both clocked 50+ hours and the paychecks put us at 96% funded on our downpayment. We’ll have that fully funded plus some savings started by the end of the month.

I read two books alongside seemingly endless mugs of tea.


Z and I split up the usual chores of cleaning the bathroom, laundry, and grocery shopping. We helped my mom move some furniture around in the house, resulting in a cozy new reading space. I also got back into my food prep game with a little weekend batch cooking.

I started and finished season 4 of BBC’s Sherlock… 2 days after starting it.



Annnd that’s it. This week is looking like more of the same with some home tours scheduled and part time hours piling up. My plan is to stay positive and focused on one day at a time and hope for some good news soon!

Week in Review 1

I’m all about small goals. I feel like you’re working towards something big you have to celebrate the little things or it seems like you’re doing nothing. That’ why I used to be all about Meghan’s week in review, and why I’m hoping to get back into it.

Bullet Journal January .jpg

I decided to go a little different with my planner this year and try a bullet journal. I was getting tired of carrying a calendar and a notebook all the time so I’m feeling positive about this combo. Plus I’ve been having fun getting to design and decorate the pages each week.

I finished up my winter break and headed back to work (we started on Thursday so it was nice to ease back into things). I put in 6 hours at my part time jobs… it’s crunch time on the savings this month so every little bit counts!

January reads week 1.jpg

I finished up the two books I’ve been working on (I’ve had a bit of reading ADD lately). The Dog that Whispered was a fun, fluffy, read and Building a House with My Husband made me glad that the only rehabbing Z and I are hoping for in our house is some paint! I made time to hit up the library this weekend for a new stack of books and as usual picked up so many I’m not sure where to start.

I kept up with my daily stretches from the #journeytospilts challenge I chose for this month, my legs have been sore every day (in a good sort of way) but I am starting to see a teeny bit more flexibility which is awesome.

It may have been a short work week but I still feel accomplished, and the busyness of the week ahead will more than make up for the slower start to the year. What did you accomplish towards your goals this week?