Week in Review 3

You’ll have to forgive me for skipping out on our weekly list party last week… you see Z and I were busy processing all the paperwork to buy our house!!


We spent the last week going through home inspection and radon testing, settling the contract with the relators, and handing over more personal documents than  I can count to our lender. We close on March 8th which is just 30 short days away :0

Once the paperwork was done I was able to settle and do the rest of my usual week stuff. I grocery shopped and did a mini-meal prep including some Super Bowl snackage.


I worked a full week at school (which was crazy busy since almost half our students/staff have been out sick), plus 8 hours of tutoring (my students are all taking the ACT next weekend), and 2 evaluations for new home health patients.

I cleaned the bedroom and did a massive pile of ironing I’d been ignoring all week.


I only did two days of yoga and my body regrets it… it’s definitively back to the mat for the week ahead.

I finished a book. It was okay, not as insightful as I had heard but definitely an interesting glimpse into the world of some of my higher level students. I also hit up the library for a new stack in hopes of doing some more reading this week.


Last week was crazy, to say the least. Exciting, exhausting, and crazy. And while I’m excited for all that’s on the horizon I’m looking forward to the calmer week ahead.

What does your week look like? Any excitement (or crazy) in your life these days?




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