Week in Review 1

I’m all about small goals. I feel like you’re working towards something big you have to celebrate the little things or it seems like you’re doing nothing. That’ why I used to be all about Meghan’s week in review, and why I’m hoping to get back into it.

Bullet Journal January .jpg

I decided to go a little different with my planner this year and try a bullet journal. I was getting tired of carrying a calendar and a notebook all the time so I’m feeling positive about this combo. Plus I’ve been having fun getting to design and decorate the pages each week.

I finished up my winter break and headed back to work (we started on Thursday so it was nice to ease back into things). I put in 6 hours at my part time jobs… it’s crunch time on the savings this month so every little bit counts!

January reads week 1.jpg

I finished up the two books I’ve been working on (I’ve had a bit of reading ADD lately). The Dog that Whispered was a fun, fluffy, read and Building a House with My Husband made me glad that the only rehabbing Z and I are hoping for in our house is some paint! I made time to hit up the library this weekend for a new stack of books and as usual picked up so many I’m not sure where to start.

I kept up with my daily stretches from the #journeytospilts challenge I chose for this month, my legs have been sore every day (in a good sort of way) but I am starting to see a teeny bit more flexibility which is awesome.

It may have been a short work week but I still feel accomplished, and the busyness of the week ahead will more than make up for the slower start to the year. What did you accomplish towards your goals this week?

6 thoughts on “Week in Review 1

  1. Hey welcome back sunshine. It’s lovely to have you.
    Did you guys buy a house? If so that’s awesome and congratulations are in order. Maybe a celebratory drink as well.

    You know I love a good planner, especially ones you can decorate. I’ve become a bit obsessed with mine.

    Happy Monday.


    1. Thank you lovely, I’ve been away for far too long! We didn’t buy yet but we’re in the middle of looking which is stressful and wonderful and crazy all at the same time.


  2. Yay for reading. Even just painting a house is a big task–don’t knock it–especially if you do indoors. All that furniture to move and newspaper to lay down!
    Doing the splits sounds like a pretty challenging goal too. No wonder you’re sore! Wishing you all the best as you keep working toward your goals.


  3. Well done on the reading and daily stretching!! I think those are two things every person should try and get more of. I’m good with the stretching but would like to amp up my reading. Small goals are really the way to go … and good planners can be a big help with this!


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