From the middle of what?

When I think of the middle my mind automatically jumps to books. The middle of a story is where the plot twist starts, where the character finds their destiny, or where the plan to save the world starts to unravel. Basically, the middle is right where things start to get interesting

My name is Sarah and I’m always in the middle of something. I’m a speech-language pathologist by day and a perpetual oversharer by night. My story started four years ago when I began sharing my experiences with all things food and fitness. Then life threw in some curveballs and I started sharing the story of Z and I and our work towards getting out of debt.

Right now I’min-the-middle-of-1

And that’s how life goes around here. For me living from the middle is all about finding balance. The balance between wants and needs, between work and play, between anxiety and happiness. The middle is that place where outside influences fall away. That place where you live a life that aligns with your values. That place where you can just be. That’s the place I want to live from.

I don’t know where this story will end up. I know where we want it to go but as we’ve learned life has no guarantees. But what I can tell you is you’re joining us right at the good part.


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